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Hair Toner

A hair toner helps to decrease pimples or acne on the scalp and is usually used for an oily scalp. The pimple or acne occurs on the scalp when a pore or hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells or sebum, which is the natural oil of the skin to keep it moisturized.  The hair toner helps to unclog pores, acts as a protective layer on the scalp, helping to clean out and close out pores and wards of dirt and sweat.

Aroma Magic introduces a Hair toner that deeply nourishes and conditions the hair from the roots. The blend of fennel and tea tree oils helps to balance the pH level of the scalp and seal moisture into the hair follicles. The extracts of nettle and Witch Hazel deeply nourish and condition the hair from the roots to the tips, while Neroli and Neem leaf encourages healthy cell growth and revitalizes dull hair, transforming it into luscious and radiant tresses.

The hair toner consists of Oily Balancing Hair Toner
Oily Scalp Balancing Toner
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